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2010 Player Profile: Ronald Belisario

The article has not yet arrived at TBLA headquarters, reportedly due to visa issues.  Blog co-manager Phil Gurnee sounds a bit peeved about it.

"You would think that when you have the opportunity to write for a prestigious blog, and the opportunity presents itself to write for a prestigious blog, support your ego and build a portfolio, that would be something you would pursue to the fullest,'' Gurnee said.

Eric Stephen, manager of TBLA, reiterated his stance that TBLA is moving on without Belisario.

"I can't worry about things that I have zero control over or people I have zero control over,'' Stephen said. "If [the article] shows, it shows. If it doesn't, it doesn't.''

Rumors were swirling that the article may appear from bureaucratic limbo at any moment.