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Dodger News from around the Blogging World

Baseball Prospectus | Prospectus Q&A: De Jon Watson - start it off with a nice interview with De Jon Watson as he talks about DeJesus and Gordon.

Quick look at the 2007 Draft for pitchers in the first round. - True Blue LA - Tripon takes a look back at the 2007

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Prospect Profiles 2010: Ivan DeJesus

While you are visiting MOKM don't forget to take a look at what he had to say about Withrow on 2/25.

Bus Service between Union Station and Dodger Stadium is Back [Updated] - LAist - This might have been mentioned but in case you missed it, the free shuttle base is back on line.

Sons of Steve Garvey: Bitchin' Play of the Day: The Spin Move - Some fun video from SOSG as he checks out all the sports for the best spin move

SilverWidow breaks down the Withrow inning.