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TBLA Dodger Stadium Outing - May 1st, Saturday Night

Our first of several games this year will be on May 1st, Saturday Night against the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the first game we are going the cheaper route, Lower Reserve. The full TBLA crew will be on hand to handle all the heckling you can throw our way. Last year we clinched the pennant on TBLA game night.

Here are some photo's of last years event

We currently have reserved 32 seats in groups of eight so we are not strewn all over a row. Reserve your spot as soon as possible, if we need more I can add them. El Sid (Sherril's Brother) and Skunkburner might be in town, and you just never know what special event we might be able to cook up. You don't want to read about it, you want to experience it.

Where - Chavez Ravine

When - Ma y 1st, Saturday Night

Who - Pittsburgh Pirates

Seats - Lower Reserve, Section 40, Seats 1 - 8 for Rows G, H, I, J

Cost - $12.00

How - Leave a comment below with how many. Must be a TBLA member to participate.

Payment - Tickets will be mailed, I'll trust you to pay me either via Paypal or cash at the game. No checks, I'll only lose them.

Extra Info - Last year just about everyone got a prize, don't expect that this year. I will however have a 2010 2009 Laker World Championship ring you may take a photo with.

Phil – 2
Eric – 1
Kelly – 6
Dave – 2
Mike – 2
Delias -2
Jacob – 2
Craig – 1
Scareduck – 2
Lidbit – 1
Overkill – 1
Roy Kim – 1
Who Is Karim Garcia – 1
mintxcore – 1
Coolguy_88888888 - 2
Tripon - 1

28 gone, 4 Left