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Welcome Back Jamie Hoffmann?

From dodgerthoughts, via @BloggingBombers: Rule 5 pick Jamie Hoffmann cleared outright waivers and was returned to the Dodgers.

Nice to have Jamie back in the fold but he must have gone from thinking "Man the Yankee's wanted me how cool is that " to "Crap, no one wants me, back to AAA".


Or maybe not. According to Rotowire the Yankee's are trying to get him back via a trade:

Hoffman was in a battle for a reserve outfield job, but magained just three hits in 23 at-bats this spring (.130). As a Rule 5 pick, he had to be returned to the Dodgers unless he was on the Opening Day roster, which wasn't going to happen after such a weak spring. There's been rumors that the Yankees will try to re-acquire him in a trade, which would allow them to assign him to Triple-A until his bat comes around, but there's nothing confirmed on the trade front just yet.