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Brew Crew Visits Blue Crew - Game Thread

Brewers (12-9-2) at Dodgers (7-10-2)

1:05pm, Camelback Ranch, Glendale, AZ

Josh Towers and Ramon Ortiz will do the bulk of the pitching today for the Dodgers.  Both George Sherrill and Jonathan Broxton are scheduled to pitch both today and tomorrow, working their first back-to-back outings of the spring.   Carlos Monasterios will pitch an inning at most today, if at all, and is likely more of a candidate for a bullpen spot than the fifth starter job.

Here are the lineups:for

Brewers      Dodgers
2B Weeks SS Furcal
CF Gomez CF Kemp
LF Braun RF Ethier
1B Fielder DH Manny
3B McGehee     1B Loney  
C Zaun 3B Blake
RF Hart LF Anderson   
SS Counsell 2B Carroll
P Suppan     C Closser

I wrote a short 2010 Dodger season preview for SB Nation (before the Padilla news broke, by the way).