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Zach Granick Looks good in Blue

Royals (9-10) at Dodgers (8-10)

1:05pm, Camelback Ranch, Glendale, AZ

This is what an ace looks like.  Zack Greinke goes for the Royal Blue against Dodger Blue today. Greinke has had quite a ride in his young career from top prospect, to 20 year old pitching sensation in the major leagues to quitting at the age of 22, to Cy Young award winner at age 25. Not many major league pitchers have taken that ride. I got to see him pitch in spring training in 2004 and I was one of those who thought he was destined for great things. Glad he finally got there, baseball needs Greinke pitching.

Maybe he can impart some information to top pitching prospect  Danny Duffy who quit several days ago. This would be like Ethan Martin up and quitting so it is a big deal for Royal fans. For more information on Duffy you can check out these comments by a friend.

Opening Day starter Vicente Padilla gets the nod today. Should be going five or six innings. Not sure who is expected to follow him, will update when we know. (UPDATE: Broxton, Sherrill, Weaver and Monasterios are scheduled to pitch)  Our lineup looks very close to the opening day lineup with Martin replacing Ausmus. Based on the Martin noise it sounds like he's is going to be ready for opening day.


Here are the lineups:for

Royals      Dodgers
LF DeJesus SS Furcal
CF Podboy CF Kemp
3B Fields RF Ethier
DH Butler DH Manny
RF Guillen    1B Loney  
SS Bloomquist 3B Blake
1st Betemit 2nd DeWitt  
C Kendall C Ausmus
2nd Getz    P Padilla

Looks like the Dodgers are allowing the Royals to use the DH while we give Padilla some at bats.

Torre quotes from this morning.

Stults is going to pitch an inning in the minor league game that Russell is in. I will be watching Russell's at bats.

On Belisario: its a missed opportunity, but I can't concern myself with things I can't control.

On Kuo: if he came out ok after throwing today, he's going to have to throw off the mound soon....and if that's the case, he won't have missed much. This isn't really unusual for him.

On Ramon Ortiz: he's a very agressive and focused competitor. His stuff is high quality. He's gotten our attention.

Haeger will start tomorrow and Russ Ortiz will throw behind him.

We haven't been talking about anyone outside the organization for the fifth spot. We're looking at our guys here.