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LADodger Talk - Must read interview with Logan White

Mark Timmons of LADodgerTalk hits a home run with an incredible interview with Logan White in which he answers question after question and covers the big club as much as the prospects.

For many of you who have followed the Billingsley mental debate versus conditioning debate you had to like this comment if you are of the mind that conditioning was at the heart of Chad's problems last year not his head.


Q.  Anyone else?

A.  On the pitching side, I would say  that Bills is going to have a really consistent year, a really good year.  His motion is much better.   Last year, he breaks his leg, he tweaks his hamstring and he has a really good first half, but from a conditioning standpoint, you get into the fifth inning, get a little tired, then you get whacked around.  And I think it was related to conditioning because when you get tired the first thing that goes is your mechanics.  It was mechanics driven, when you get off just a little bit, it messes everything up.  Now, he’s physically fit, he’s visibly leaner and his conditioning is better.  The thing that bothers me is comments about Chad’s competitiveness, and I know he as well as anybody, and he’s a competitor.  He’s a very competitive guy.  He’s not happy that he didn’t finish good last year.  That’s good and I think that competitive drive will push him to a very good year this year


There are literally dozens of great tidbits like the above quote.

Read this interview.

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