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Dodgers Add "B" Game Monday Morning

The Dodgers have added a "B" game Monday to make up for the game canceled today in Mesa.  Tomorrow at 9:30am, on the White Sox practice field at 8:30am, the Dodgers and Cubs White Sox will play a make-up game (White Sox were also rained out Sunday).  Probable pitchers for the Dodgers are Scott Elbert, Josh Lindblom, Ramon Troncoso, Travis Schlichting, Kenley Jansen, Javy Guerra, and Armando Zerpa.

The Dodgers also have a game Monday at 12:05 in Scottsdale against the Giants.  Probable pitchers in that game are Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, Josh Towers, Carlos Monasterios, Jon Link, Francisco Felix, Juan Perez.  That's a hell of a tag team to start.