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Did The Dodgers Leave Enough Infielders Behind?

Several Dodgers are leaving for Taiwan Wednesday morning, including several infielders.  Here is the list of infielders taking the transcontinental flight:

Ronnie Belliard, Angel Berroa, Jamey Carroll, Chin-lung Hu, John Lindsey, James Loney, Russ Mitchell and Ramon Nivar

That doesn't leave much of an infield depth chart behind at Camelback Ranch.  Here's who is left on the infield in big league camp:

First Base

  • Doug Mientkiewicz, who can't throw, and was held out today after receiving a cortisone shot
  • Garret Anderson, who Torre said today would get some time at the position, which he has never played in the major leagues

Second Base

  • Blake DeWitt, who is looking like the early favorite to be named opening day starter
  • Argenis Reyes
  • Ivan DeJesus


  • Rafael Furcal
  • Nick Green
  • DeJesus
  • Alfredo Amezaga, who hasn't yet been healthy enough to play this spring and doesn't figure to be healthy anytime soon

Third Base

  • Casey Blake, who sat out Tuesday with a sore back
  • Green
  • Reyes

The Dodgers have just nine infielders left in big league camp, three of whom are battling injuries and one (Anderson) who has never played the infield.  Look for some minor leaguers to suit up, for depth, and look for some of the starters to start playing longer into the game than just a few innings.