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1920 World Series Rematch - Game Chat

Indians (ss) (17-9-2) at Dodgers (11-14-2)

7:10pm, Dodger Stadium

Tonight the Dodgers get revenge for the consonant-heavy Bill Wambsganss!

Newly minted fifth starter Charlie Haeger gets his final spring tuneup, as the Dodgers return home to Dodger Stadium to play the Indians.  Haeger will make his first regular season start on either April 10 or 11 in Florida, and manager Joe Torre said Haeger could pitch out of the bullpen if needed before that.

Jonathan Broxton and George Sherrill are also expected to pitch for the Dodgers.

Starting second baseman Blake DeWitt has a chance to join exclusive company.  The only Dodgers to start on opening day at both second base and third base are Jackie Robinson and Junior Gilliam.  DeWitt, who started at third base on opening day in 2008, could join that group Monday in Pittsburgh, even though Pirates' starting pitcher Zach Duke is a left-handed pitcher.

Here are the lineups, which for the Dodgers looks like the regular lineup, outside of the designated hitter of course:

Indians      Dodgers
SS Cabrera      SS Furcal
DH Sizemore  CF Kemp
3B Peralta RF Ethier
RF Kearns LF Manny
1B LaPorta 1B Loney   
2B Valbuena 3B Blake    
C Redmond      DH Anderson     
LF Brantley C Martin
CF Bixler 2B DeWitt
P Carmona P Haeger

ESPN went behind the scenes with Clayton Kershaw in spring training.  He even has a Jeremy Schaap impression!

Well done, Sons of Steve Garvey.  Well done.

No TV (for the final time this year)