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Dodgers Seek to Break Even in Florida Finale

The Dodgers took 12 separate road trips last season, and had a losing record in only three of those trips.  To avoid a losing record on this trip, the 2-3 Dodgers need a win today against the Marlins.  Today's game is a morning start, their third day game out of the six games on the trip.

Dodger battery mates Charlie Haeger and A.J. Ellis are set to make their 2010 debut today, the 25 & 26th players to play for the club this season. 

Charlie Haeger

#49 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Sep 19, 1983

Starting for the Marlins is Anibal Sanchez, fighting an uphill battle with the Giants' Jonathan for the all-important title of best Sanchez with a no-hitter that the Dodgers will face this season.

Anibal Sanchez

#19 / Pitcher / Florida Marlins





Feb 27, 1984

Lost in the sadness of the pair of walk-off losses this week is the euphoria that the Dodger offense has scored 31 runs in five games.  Only the Phillies, with 41 runs, have scored more.  The last time the Dodgers scored as many runs in their first five games was 2006.

Bullpen Usage

Without comment, I present to you the 2010 Dodger bullpen, sorted by number of batters faced:

Reliever Batters Faced
Ramon Ortiz 15
Russ Ortiz 14
George Sherrill 14
Ramon Troncoso 11
Carlos Monasterios     9
Jeff Weaver 8
Jonathan Broxton 7

All Runs, No RBI

Not only is Rafael Furcal working on a streak of games with runs scored to start the season, it gets a little more obscure than that.  Furcal also scored a run in his final game of last season (True Blue LA night at Dodger Stadium), pushing his streak to six games.  In all six games, Furcal has not driven in a run, making his streak tied for the second longest in Los Angeles Dodger history, at any point in the season:

Most LAD Consecutive Games w/ 1+ Runs & 0 RBI
Player Year(s) Games Runs RBI
Maury Wills 1961 7 10 0
Rafael Furcal 2009-10 6 7 0
Eric Young 1999 6 7 0
Roger Cedeno    1997 6 7 0
Lee Lacy 1972 6 6 0
Maury Wills 1965 6 6 0
Maury Wills 1964 6 7 0

It's not a surprise to see this list dominated by leadoff hitters, especially Maury Wills.  Am I rooting for Furcal to score a run today without driving one in?  Yes.  Did I look up an obscure stat to take my mind off of last night's loss?  You bet.  Am I creeped out that I have resorted to Jim Tracy-style self question-and-answering?  Absolutely.


Check out Xeifrank's simulation of today's game here.

Game Time: 10:10am

TV: KCAL Prime Ticket

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