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Old Friend RoundUp

Back in April of 2009 I took a look at where all our old friends were so lets do it for 2010.


Baltimore Orioles:

Cesar Izturis - starting SS, still can't hit and the glove is not what it used to be. Signed as Free Agent on 12/16/08. Was traded for Greg Maddux July 31st, 2006. Great deal for everyone. Originally became a Dodger when we traded highly touted pitching prospect Luke Prokopec and Chad Ricketts on Dec 13th, 2001.

Mark Hendrickson - back end of the bullpen,  his days as a starter seem numbered. Signed as Free Agent on 12/31/08. Left the Dodgers as a Free Agent after being acquired from Tampa Bay along with Toby Hall for Navarro, Seo, and Ruggiano during July of 2006.

Julio Lugo - backup infielder to Izturis and Roberts. Traded in spring of 2010 from the Cardinals to the Orioles as insurance for Roberts bad back.  We acquired him in July of 2006 for Joel Guzman(Jtd) and Sergio Pedroza(brother of Dodger prospect Jamie).

Josh Bell - AAA for Norfolk. Traded along with Steve Johnson for George Sherrill in summer of 2009.

Steve Johnson - AA for Bowie. Traded along with Josh Bell for George Sherrill in summer of 2009. Was drafted by Giants from the Orioles in the Rule V but was returned when he did not make the Giant opening day roster.

Boston Red Sox:

  JD Drew - Starting RF, Signed as Free Agent the winter of 2006 after opting out his Dodger contract. Signed with the Dodgers as Free Agent in December 2004.

 Adrian Beltre - starting 3rd baseman, signed as Free Agent this winter. Dodgers signed him July 7th, 1994.

Chicago White Sox

Paul Konerko - Starting 1st baseman. Traded way back in 1998 for Jeff Shaw. Hopefully the last time a top hitting prospect ever gets traded for a closer with an option to leave as a free agent. Konerko has hit 324 Home Runs since he left.

Juan Pierre - Starting Left Fielder, traded to the White Sox from the Dodgers for Jon Ely and John Link. I said we would trade him this winter and we did. We ate alot of salary but picking up two decent prospects was a nice coup. Signed by the Dodgers as a free agent in one of the most pawned moves in Ned's GM history.

Andruw Jones - Platoon DH, CF. Signed as Free Agent. Dodgers signed him in 2008 to a contract we will be paying for a long time.

Cleveland Indians

Carlos Santana - AAA Columbus, traded to the Indians in the summer of 2008 for Casey Blake.

Detroit Tigers

None I know of

KC Royals

Joakim Soria - one of the best closers in baseball, signed as FA Dec 20th, 2005. Dodgers signed him as a FA on Oct 31st, 2001 but released him on Oct 12th, 2004. Not one of Depo's better moves but he only pitched one year for us in the rookie league. Who knew?

Boom Boom Betemit - AAA - Omaha, signed as a NRI. The Dodgers acquired him in the Baez/Aybar deal. We then traded him to the Yankee's for Scott Proctor. I haven't been as wrong about a player as I was about Betemit.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

None I know of

Minnesota Twins

Orlando Hudson - starting 2nd baseman, signed as a free agent. Dodgers signed him as a FA for 2009.

Jim Thome - part time DH, signed as free agent. Kind of weird mentioning Thome as an old friend but we picked him up on a waiver wire deal in 2009.

New York Yankees

Chan Ho Park - setup man, signed as free agent. Chan Ho has done two stints with the Dodgers since he was signed as a free agent out of Korea.

Oakland A's

Jon Meloan - out for the year after season ending surgery.

Seattle Mariners

Milton Bradley - starting left fielder as he continues his move down the defensive spectrum. Traded for Carlos Silva as both teams just unload untradeble contracts. Dodgers acquired him for Franklin Gutierrez and Andrew Brown from the Indians in spring 2004. We traded him and Antonio Perez in Ned's first trade to the A's for Andre Ethier.

Franklin Gutierrez  - Starting CF and some say the best defensive CF they have ever seen. Interesting how these things work out. Franklin Gutierrez  was traded by the Dodgers to the Indians for Milton Bradley. At the time Gutierrez  was the top position prospect in the Dodger system but was several years away. The trade worked out better for the Dodgers because they then flipped Milton for Andre. The Indians however flipped Franklin in this very complicate deal December 11, 2008: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Cleveland Indians to the Seattle Mariners. The Seattle Mariners sent Sean Green, J.J. Putz and Jeremy Reed to the New York Mets. The Seattle Mariners sent Luis Valbuena to the Cleveland Indians. The New York Mets sent Ezequiel Carrera (minors), Maikel Cleto (minors), Mike Carp, Endy Chavez, Aaron Heilman and Jason Vargas to the Seattle Mariners. The New York Mets sent Joe Smith to the Cleveland Indians.

Tampa Bay Rays

Dionar Navarro - now a platoon catcher after being an all-star catcher in 2008. Had one of the worse offensive seasons in 2009. Traded in the Hendrickson trade, acquired by the Dodgers along with three other minor leaguers for Shawn Green. One of the best Depo trades followed by one of the worse by Ned.

Willy Aybar - utility infielder, acquired from Braves for flotsam. Dodgers signed him as a international free agent Jan 31st, 2000 and then sent him along with Baez to the Braves for Boom Boom Betemit.

Texas Rangers


Toronto Blue Jays

Jason Frasor - relief pitcher, acquired by the Blue Jays from the Dodgers for Jason Werth. Maybe the best trade Depo pulled off. Frasor was acquired by the Dodgers from the Tigers for Hiram Boccachica.

For the NL



Arizona Diamondbacks

Edwin Jackson - firmly entrenched in the Diamondback rotation. They acquired him from the Tigers for Matt Scherzer in a challenge trade. We picked him with the 6th pick in the 2001 draft and traded him for Danys Baez in 2006.

Tony Abreu - utility infielder. We traded him to Arizona for Jon Garland in the summer of 2009.

Atlanta Braves

David Ross - backup catcher

Derek Lowe - back end of the rotation, 2nd year of his large FA contract, Dodgers signed him as a Free Agent from 2005-2008. Maybe the best value for a FA contract of that length this century for a pitcher.

Smiling Sammy Saito - signed as free agent. Signed by the Dodgers in the spring of 2006.

Chicago Cubs

Ted Lilly - firmly entrenched in the rotation. Signed as a free agent Dec 15th, 2006. Dodgers drafted him in the 23rd round, 1996. We traded him to the Expos July 31, 1998 with Jonathan Tucker (minors), Peter Bergeron and Wilton Guerrero  for Hiram Bocachica, Mark Grudzielanek and Carlos Perez.

Koyie Hill - backup catcher, traded from the Dodgers to Arizona way back in the Steve Finley deal.

Cincinnati Reds


Colorado Rockies


Florida Marlins

Cody Ross - starting right fielder, purchased from the Reds in 2006. Traded by the Dodgers to Reds for Ben Kozlowski (June 1, 2006). Dodgers acquired him from the Tigers for Steve Colyer.

Houston Astros

Wesley Wright - AAA Round Rock bullpen, acquired via rule 5 from the Dodgers in 2007. Dodgers drafted him in the 7th round, 2003.

Milwaukee Brewers

Randy Wolf - starting rotation, signed as a Free Agent. Dodgers signed him to a one year deal in 2009.

Craig Counsel - utility player, Dodgers released him way back in 2000 and he's been a solid utility player every year except the year he played for the Dodgers.

NY Mets

Alec Cora - utility infielder, signed as Free Agent. Part of the 2003/2004 super defensive keystone combo with Izzy.


Jason Werth - starting right fielder, signed as Free Agent in 2007. Dodgers acquired him for Jason Frasor, was released after several years battling wrist injuries.

Shane Victorino - starting center fielder, rule 5 pick, to complicated to for this space.

Danys Baez - bullpen. Signed as Free Agent after a few years with the Orioles. He left the Dodgers when we traded him and WIly Abyar to the Braves for Wilson Betemit. He was acquired by the Dodgers on Jan 14, 2006  when we traded Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany for him and Lance Carter.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Andy LaRoche - starting 3rd baseman, traded along with Bryan Morris for Manny Ramirez. Drafted in the 39th round of the 2003 draft.

Delwyn Young - backup 2nd baseman and outfielder, traded to the Pirates for Krebs in 2009.

Joel Hanrahan - setup man

San Diego Padres
No One I know off

San Francisco Giants
Guillermo Mota - setup man, signed as FA

Saint Louis Cardinals

Brad Penny - in the rotation, Signed as FA  Acquired by the Dodgers July 30th, 2004 along with Hee Sop Choi and Bill Murphy for Paul La Duca, G Mota, and Juan Encarnacion.



Victor Garate: AA bullpen