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Minor League Updates

For the most part the daily minor league updates are going to be fan posts, we will try our best to have them ready by 08:00 AM. For those of you unfamiliar with the SB Nation setup, the FanPosts are on the right margin. Plenty of great material is created via FanPosts not just by our writers but by the community.    We are using FanPosts so we don't clog up the main page, think of us as Page 2 material. 

Coolguy_88888888 will be working with me this season to make sure we can deliver these every day in a timely manner.  Coolguy is of course the person who delivered to us his ranking of the Top 200 Dodger Prospects so he brings a wealth of information about our prospects to TBLA,  and we consider ourselves lucky he will be helping us out this year.  This was his his first minor league update so give it a read and make us part of your daily read.

Each update will contain a link to the box score along with links to  First Inning and Minor League Splits.  I heartily recommend clicking on these links we are providing. They contain a wealth of information that we can't cram into our daily updates.

The Firstinning link is a compilation of the previous day's box scores. The Minor League Split is the same but with additional information. Minor League Split also allows you to tab backward to catch the previous day breakdown.