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Dodgers/Reds Game One Chat - In Search Of: Chad Billingsley and the End of the Sixth Inning

Chad Billingsley take the mound hoping to see the end of the sixth inning - and maybe the seventh - for the first time this season. Kuroda, Padilla and Kershaw all finished the seventh inning in their last starts and Billingsley would like to join the club.

Here are the lineups:

Dodgers Reds
SS Furcal CF Stubbs
CF Kemp
SS Cabrera
RF Ethier 1B Votto
LF Ramirez 2B Phillips
1B Loney 3B Rolen
3B Blake RF Bruce
2B DeWitt LF Gomes
C Martin C Hernandez
P Billingsley
P Bailey

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