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Dodgers Look to Win Third Straight Series

The Dodgers head into the finale in Cincinnati looking to win their third straight series, and all eyes are on the scoreboard.  The Dodgers have had more total runs -- scored and allowed -- in their games than any other team in baseball this season, and the Reds aren't far behind:

Team G RS RA Tot Tot R/Gm
Dodgers 14 93 87 180 12.86
15 75 93 168 11.20
D-Backs 15 81 83 164 10.933
Brewers 14 77 76 153 10.929
Reds 15 70 92 162 10.80

Vicente Padilla, fresh off a quality start against the Diamondbacks, takes to the hill for the Dodgers.  Given his lopsided career splits, I always like to check the opposing lineup for left-handed batters.  The Reds have three regular or semi-regular lefties in Joey Votto (who has homered in each of the first two games of the series), Jay Bruce, and Chris Dickerson, but Padilla has never faced them.

The Dodger offense, now atop the majors with 93 runs scored, gets to face Mike Leake, making his third major league start.  Leake has a 2.63 ERA in two starts so far, but he has also walked 12 batters in 13 2/3 innings.  Perhaps the best thing Leake has going for him as that he mixes his pitches, mixing in a slider, cutter, curve and change with his fastball.  The Dodgers have been the best in the majors at hitting fastballs, sliders, and cutters, but have had trouble with curves and changeups, so maybe Leake can keep them off balance.

However, I wouldn't bet against this offense right now.

Fun FactRafael Furcal is tied with Matt Kemp for the club lead with six extra-base hits in eight road games this season.

Here are the lineups:

Dodgers      Reds
SS Furcal LF Dickerson
CF Kemp
SS Cabrera
RF Ethier 1B Votto
LF Ramirez 2B Phillips
1B Loney 3B Rolen
3B Blake RF Bruce
2B DeWitt
CF Stubbs
C Martin C Hanigan  
P Padilla        
P Harang

Xeifrank's simulation of today's game is here.

Game Time: 4:10pm

TV: Prime Ticket

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