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Dodgers Need Manny Ramirez Back

The Dodgers miss Manny Ramirez.  Badly.
The Dodgers miss Manny Ramirez. Badly.

When Manny Ramirez was placed on the disabled list one week ago today, we all thought the Dodger offense would struggle without him.  After all, he was hitting .415/.500/.659, not exactly someone you can easily replace, let alone with Garret Anderson and Reed Johnson.  The Dodger offense has fallen off a cliff without Manny, scoring just 13 runs in seven games:

Dodger Offense With Manny on the DL
7 13 .185/.261/.282 .543 .230

It is important to note that it has only been seven games, and the Dodgers are not going to continue to have a .230 batting average on balls in play, just as they weren't going to continue the .346 BABIP they had before Manny went on the DL.  However, Manny is missed by this offense, particular his two fellow outfielders.

Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier have blossomed in the last two years.  Together, with Manny, they have formed what is likely the best outfield in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  However, Kemp and Ethier have struggled mightily without Manny in the lineup.  I looked at games started by both Kemp and Ethier since Manny arrived, and compared them to when Manny was in or out of the lineup.

Dodger Outfield With or Without Manny
Ethier w/ Manny 143 663 43 33 5.0% 76 11.5% .325/.410/.592 1.002 .344
Ethier w/o Manny 67 287 14 12 4.2% 27 9.4% .237/.317/.443 .760 .251

Kemp w Manny 153 683 38 30 4.4% 51 7.5% .299/.351/.526 .878 .335
Kemp w/o Manny 74 311 5 9 2.9% 21 6.8% .279/.325/.402 727 .329

There is a huge BABIP difference with Ethier, but even that doesn't explain away the huge chasm between performance with or without Manny.

Manny has one more week on the disabled list, and be activated next Saturday, May 8 for the game against Colorado.  I am counting the days, as this offense sorely needs him.