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Albuquerque Isotopes Roster

Opening day is Thursday in Oklahoma. Here is the opening day roster for the Isotopes. Unlike last year the roster is loaded with players of interest.

Scott Elbert, James McDonald, Josh Lindblom, and John Ely  will all be in the rotation as they try to impress the brass, or other teams brass. When the mass media says we are thin they neglect to mention we have at least two candidates and possibly three who can step into our rotation at some point this summer.

Of course Josh Towers would probably get the call before any of them but that is the price we pay for a GM who would rather give first shot to a  failed veteran then a promising young arm. 

In the bullpen Travis Schlichting, Justin Miller, Jon Link, Brent Leach, and Luis Ayala are among those who could provide bullpen help if the need arises.

AJ Ellis hopefully proved he can play in the major leagues and will now bide his time until age takes down Ausmus or Martin has any lingering injury issues.

Lindsey will man 1st base but it gets crowded in the middle infield with Hu, DeJesus, and Nick Green vying for full time at bats. Who plays where will get sorted out when the games start.  With no real 3rd baseman on the team my guess is that Russ Mitchell is going to get some time there.

The outfield will have Hoffmann and Paul starting everyday, while Restovich, Redman, and Gibbons vie for the other at bats. Gibbons may also see some time at 1st base.