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Chattanooga Lookouts Roster

Chris Withrow is the main attraction of the Chattanooga pitching staff.
Chris Withrow is the main attraction of the Chattanooga pitching staff.

For a complete profile on most of these players head on over to MOKM where Kensai does the best job in the blogosphere on breaking down the expectations of our prospects.

The top two prospects in the system will help fill out  the Lookouts Roster along with some interesting outfielders.

The rotation has the gem of system in Chris Withrow who will be the main focus of our attention this summer. If everything goes to plan we can expect to see Withrow in Sept.  Timothy Sexton would be the next highest prospect in the rotation. The rest of the rotation will be built from the likes of  John Koronka, Jesus Castillo,  Alberto Bastardo, Mario Alvarez, andr James Adkins. I'm fairly certain that Castillo and Bastardo will be in the rotation but not sure who else will be.  Alvarez still intrigues me and supposedly had a great minor league camp.

Javy Guerra will headline the bullpen with help from Krebs, Sartor, and Garcia. Hopefully they will transition Adkins into the bullpen since it seems obvious he is not going to make it in the rotation.

Lucas May looks to build on his solid 2009 season and show AJ Ellis that the Dodgers have more then one option for the backup job next year.

First base will belong to Eduardo Perez who might have a future as an Olmedo Saenz type.

The Dodgers have jumped the keystone combo from the Loons all the way to Chattanooga. Jamie Pedroza will man 2nd base and try to build a career as a utility player. Or maybe he can become Dan Uggla when we let him go in the Rule Five draft. Pedroza took a strange path to AA, as he was in High A in 2008 only to get moved to Low A in 2009, and now he's finally in AA where he expected to be in 2009.

At SS will be the hope diamond in Dee Gordon who was the CO-MVP of the MidWestern League last year. Many have rated Gordon as the top prospect in the Dodger system which is quite a jump for the former 4th round pick in 2008. He has wowed scouts with his tools and work ethic from the moment he first stepped onto the diamond. If he comes close to meeting the expectations he will have been the steal of the 2008 draft.  His ETA may have moved up with the Dodgers aggressively skipping him from Low A to AA. They did the same thing with Andrew Lambo last year and the results were not pretty. 

Looks like 3rd base is also going to belong to a 2009 Loon by the name of Anthony Hatch. Hatch was taken from the Blue Jays last year in the minor league draft and did quite well for the Loons but he is already 26 years old.

The Lookouts will feature two top 10 prospects in Andrew Lambo  and  Trayvon Robinson.  Headed into 2009, Lambo was generally regarded as the top position prospect but after a less then stellar effort in 2009 he has been passed. Lambo will play LF and try to prove that 2009 was simply the result of being young for his level. In CF Trayvon Robinson will be trying to prove that his offensive outburst in 2009 was not simply a Cal League illusion but a consolidation of his numerous skills. RF is reserved for Scott Van Slyke who also had a breakout year in the Cal League.  Thomas Giles will try to force his way into some playing time.