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Inland Empire Roster

For a complete profile on most of these players head on over to MOKM where Kensai does the best job in the blogosphere on breaking down the expectations of our prospects.

45 Aguasviva, Geison L/L 6-1 162 8/3/87 Las Matas de Farfan, Dominican Republic NDFA/'05 Great Lakes (LoA)
16 Blevins, Bobby R/R 5-11 201 1/16/85 Blaircliff, NY 13th/'07 Great Lakes (LoA)
59 Boothe, Robert R/R 6-2 222 1/30/86 Tokyo, Japan NDFA/'07 Great Lakes (LoA)
31 Contreras, Edwin R/R 6-0 169 9/17/88 Hermosillo, Mexico NDFA/'06 Ogden (R) 
63 Jansen, Kenley S/R 6-5 257 9/30/87 Curacao, Netherlands Antilles NDFA/'04 Inland Empire/ Albuquerque
54 Koss, Paul R/R 6-4 212 6/17/85 Orange, CA 11th/'07 Chattanooga (AA)
12 Mann, Brandon L/L 6-2 165 5/16/84 Tacoma, WA FA/'10 Montgomery (AA) 
61 Martin, Ethan R/R 6-2 195 6/6/89 Toccoa, GA 1st/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
50 Miller, Aaron L/L 6-3 220 9/18/87 Channelview, TX 1st(S)/'09 Great Lakes/AZL Dodgers
21 Redding, JonMichael R/R 6-2 195 11/16/87 Haihara, GA 5th/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
51 Sanfler, Miguel L/L 5-10 185 10/5/84 San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic NDFA/'02 Inland Empire (A)
10 Smit, Kyle R/R 6-3 167 10/14/87 Sparks, NV 5th/'06 Great Lakes/Inland Empire
62 St. Clair, Cole L/L 6-5 225 7/30/86 San Francisco, CA 7th/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
7 Delmonico, Tony R/R 6-0 175 4/27/87 Knoxville, TN 6th/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
35 Ishibashi, Fumimasa R/R 6-0 190 9/11/83 Maebashi-Shi, Japan NDFA/'08 DNP, Injured
36 Wallach, Matt L/R 6-1 210 2/17/86 Yorba Linda, CA 22nd/'07 Great Lakes (LoA)
34 Baez, Pedro R/R 6-0 211 3/11/88 Bani, Dom. Republic NDFA/'07 Inland Empire (A)
60 Caseres, Steven L/R 6-4 220 3/26/87 Harrisonburg, VA 9th/'08 Inland Empire (A)
5 Gallagher, Austin L/R 6-4 242 11/16/88 Lancaster, PA 3rd/'07 Great Lakes (LoA)
13 Garcia, Johan S/R 5-11 186 9/6/86 Santo Domingo, D.R. NDFA/'05 Inland Empire/ Dodgers AZL
3 Gutierrez, Chris R/R 5-11 175 3/12/84 Orlando, FL FA/'10 Ark/NH/ SL
8 Hunt, Bridger R/R 5-11 162 7/24/85 Lake Mary, FL 9th/'06 DNP, Injured
15 Suarez, Cesar R/R 6-0 180 8/17/83 Maracaibo, Venezuela FA/'09 Montgomery (AA)
11 Buss, Nick L/R 6-2 195 12/15/86 Los Angeles, CA 8th/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
30 Mattingly, Preston R/R 6-2 209 8/28/87 Evansville, IN 1st(S)/'06 Inland Empire (A)
28 Perez, Andres R/R 6-0 200 5/23/84 New York, NY FA/'09 Inland Empire (A)
22 Russell, Kyle L/L 6-5 185 6/27/86 Magnolia, TX 3rd/'08 Great Lakes (LoA)
27 Silverio, Alfredo R/R 6-0 205 5/6/87 La Romana, D.R. NDFA/'03 Great Lakes (LoA)
9 Jeff Carter   Manager AZL Dodgers
Charlie Hough   Pitching Coach Inland Empire
Franklin Stubbs   Hitting Coach Inland Empire
Yosuke Nakajima   Athletic Trainer
Nathan Tamargo   S&C
Matt Koizim Video Tech
*Disabled List
^Major League Rehab  

The Inland Empire 66 team was unveiled yesterday for the media. A few changes from the minor league roster were noted.

Lots to be excited about regarding this roster. We should make a couple of trips to see these guys first hand. For those who live in the West Valley or Santa Clarita  I'd suggest a trip to  Lancaster Stadium when they come to town on May 8th, 9th or 10th.

The starting rotation has 2008 number one pick Ethan Martin, 2009 supplemental first round pick Aaron Miller, and highly regarded Nathan Eovaldi. Lot of upside in those two,  filling out the rotation will be Jon Michael Redding and Edwin Contreras. Redding was the workhorse for the Loons in 2009, compiling a 16 - 3 record which led all of the minor leagues in victories.  Martin and Eovaldi have a lot to prove this year after being babied all of 2009. The gloves are supposed to be off this year so we will find out if they have the stamina and variety of pitches  for rotation duty.  Aaron Miller will hope to build on a very successful debut where he wowed scouts and fans with his poise and control.  Contreras is the only one of the group who did not pitch for the Loons last year. Contreras spent the last three years pitching in the rookie leagues so this is quite a jump for the 21 year old. I expected to see Josh Walters in this spot so I have to see what happened to him.

In the bullpen will be one of my favorites Geison Aguasviva a lefty who we will keep an eye on this year. Others of note are Robert Boothe who came over from Japan and has an erratic but powerful arm.  Cole Saint Claire made the mistake of going to Rice, and his arm has not recovered the promise it once had. Now relegated to bullpen duty some think he is the best relief pitcher in the system. We shall find out. Of course the guy who everyone is interested in is Kenley Jansen who may have the biggest arm in the system. Converted from catcher last year he throws gas but has no control. If he starts learning the nuances of pitching he could come fast. The oft injured Paul Koss fills out the bullpen.

Catching will be handled by Tony Delmonico. Delmonico only made the transition to catcher last year so this is still a work in progress. He seems to have the bat, hopefully thiss experiment works out as well as the Martin / Santana ones did. Matt Wallach will back him up as he learns how to become a future minor league coach.

1st base has both  Steven Caseres and  Austin Gallagher.  Gallagher was a 3rd baseman and with Baez on the roster I don't think he's going to get much time at 3rd base so it will be interesting to see how the playing time is dispersed between Caseres ad Gallagher.   I would have expected Caseres to be in AA so this was a surprise. Gallagher is back where he excited fans as a 19 year old 3rd baseman. Now he's a 21 year old 1st baseman coming off shoulder problems.

The middle infield looks as weak as any I've ever seen. Hard for me to tell who is even going to play where. Johan Garcia is terrible.  Bridger Hunt is somehow still in the organization after missing all of last year. The ex- outfielder has been converted to the infield so maybe he's the 2nd baseman.  He had some nice on base skills once but I know nothing about his defense at 2nd. This will be his 3rd year playing for the 66ers. At SS would be one of Gutierrez or Suarzez two players acquired from other organizations who  appear to be strictly roster fodder.

Pedro Baez is repeating the league and is expected to be the everyday 3rd baseman. This could be the last year that Baez proves he can be an everyday player. He has a gun at 3rd base and Logan White has joked about moving him to the mound if he doesn't improve.

The outfield will be headlined by MWL Co-MVP Kyle Russell. It is kind of scary to think of the numbers he will put up in this league. Guys like Carlos Santana and Scott Van Slyke have whacked this league around after flailing in the MWL. It will be interesting to see what a hitter who dominated the MWL can do.  Alfredo Silverio who has a decent bat, great arm, but zero plate discipline will be in LF. Ex USC star Nick Buss will man CF. Somewhere in all of this will be Preston Mattingly who might get the vote for biggest Logan White bust pick. Mattingly might be a great athlete but at this point in his development he does not seem to have one baseball skill that is even average other then speed.