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San Diego Close Out Game Chat

Russell Martin is starting his 17th consecutive game at catcher today. In Los Angeles Dodger history, there have only been 19 longer streaks. The last time Martin didn't start on a day in which the Dodgers had a game scheduled was April 23.

Today is Martin's 30th time batting leadoff in his career. Paul LoDuca is the only other LA Dodger catcher to ever bat leadoff, and started 33 such games.

Here are the lineups:

Dodgers Padres
C Martin SS Cabrera
LF Johnson
2B Eckstein
1B Loney 1B Gonzalez
CF Kemp 3B Headley
3B Belliard
C Torrealba
RF Anderson RF Venable
2B Green LF Blanks
SS Carroll CF Gwynn
P Billingsley
P LeBlanc

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