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Dodgers Utilizing The 3-Run Bomb

The Dodgers were able to snap their five-game losing streak and win the last two days thanks to the help of a powerful weapon: the three-run home run.  James Loney hit a three run shot in Friday's game, and Andre Ethier did the deed last night.  The Dodgers' three-run home runs the last two nights have come in the third inning, an inning in which the Pirates have been outscored this year a whopping 32 to seven.

The Dodgers have hit four three-run shots this season, and have won three of those games.  The only one they lost was in Cincinnati, where Matt Kemp's three-run shot tied the game at nine, but the Dodgers went on to lose 11-9.

Dodger 3-Run Homers Hit in 2010
Date Player Pitcher Inn Result
Apr 13 Andre Ethier Esmerling Vazquez  
6 W
Apr 20 Matt Kemp Nick Masset 8 L
Apr 30 James Loney Charlie Morton 3 W
May 1 Ethier Zach Duke 3 W

The Dodgers have allowed five three-run home runs this season, and are 1-4 in those games:

Dodger 3-Run Homers Allowed in 2010
Date Player Pitcher Inn Result
Apr 5
Ryan Doumit
George Sherrill
Apr 7
Garrett Jones
Clayton Kershaw
Apr 10
Gaby Sanchez
Vicente Padilla 4
Apr 11
Jorge Cantu Charlie Haeger
Apr 16
Eugenio Velez    
Ramon Troncoso   

Last season the Dodgers hit 19 three-run home runs, and were 16-3 in those games.  They allowed 11 three-run shots, and were 3-8 in those games.