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Nine Days Before We Worry About 5th Starter Again

We need a palette cleanser after last night's game left a bad taste in the mouths of Dodger fans everywhere.  Some good news: with an off day Monday, the Dodger starting pitchers over the next eight games will likely be:

Day Date Starter Opp
May 20    
Clayton Kershaw     
Fri May 21 Chad Billingsley Det
Sat May 22 John Ely Det
Sun May 23 Hiroki Kuroda Det
Tue May 25 Clayton Kershaw @Chi
Wed May 26 Chad Billingsley @Chi
Thu May 27 John Ely @Chi
Fri May 28 Hiroki Kuroda @Col

We don't have to worry about the fifth starter for nine days.  Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscias Tragic Illness has an idea who should get that start:

So there’s only one right answer here, and it’s the answer Joe Torre dreads the most. You have to start Carlos Monasterios. The Rule 5 pick has been surprisingly effective as the team’s longman, not allowing more than one earned run in any of his twelve appearances. With the bullpen rounding back into form and Jeff Weaver back, Monasterios’ role as a reliever has lessened, and he already showed he could survive as an emergency starter, allowing one run in four innings against Pittsburgh.

I have to agree with Petriello here, but the good news is I can push that decision to the back of my mind for over a week. 

More good news: the Dodgers have won nine of their last 10.