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Who Leaves to Make Room for Furcal?

Was this hit-by-pitch Nick Green's first and last run batted in as a Dodger?
Was this hit-by-pitch Nick Green's first and last run batted in as a Dodger?

When Rafael Furcal gets activated from the disabled list, presumably tomorrow in time for the first game in Chicago, the Dodgers need to make a corresponding move to make room on the active roster. These are the options:

  • option Blake DeWitt to Triple A
  • designate Nick Green for assignment
  • designate Ramon Ortiz for assignment

I covered both games over the weekend, and these three moves were either explicitly (Green, DeWitt) or implicitly ("a pitcher") stated by manager Joe Torre. The disabled list is an option of course, but as of yesterday's postgame there were no pressing injuries that required such attention, so I didn't include it in as an option. If you want this option, pick "other."

Keep in mind that designating for assignment would expose the player to waivers, running the risk of losing them, and in the case of Green and Ortiz they might refuse an assignment to the minors, making them free agents.

There has been much debate in the comments, but I want to get a feel of the readership as a whole. Call it a paranoia check, if you will.

Remember, this is a vote for the move you think the Dodgers will actually make, not the one they should make.

My vote is for Ortiz getting designated for assignment. I think the club will keep Green around for four days, keeping a six-man bench (for the first time since 2008, by the way) and a seven-man bullpen until a fifth starter is needed on Saturday. I think Charlie Haeger will get another shot at the rotation, and Green will be designated for assignment Saturday to make room for Haeger.