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What a Difference a Day Makes: Haeger's Heel Hurting

It appears as if John Ely will be starting Tuesday after all
It appears as if John Ely will be starting Tuesday after all

It looks like John Ely won't be pitching for Albuquerque anytime soon.

One day after Charlie Haeger had the worst outing of his career and one night after Haeger said he was fine physically, manager Joe Torre said the knuckleballer was battling a injury to his right (push-off) heel.  "I talked to [trainer] Stan [Conte], and he said [Haeger]'s been getting work on a heel.  We'll revisit that today," said Torre.  Torre also said it is unknown whether Haeger will accompany the trip on their upcoming six-game road trip to Arizona and San Diego.

The only way Ely can be recalled within 10 days after he was optioned is for another pitcher to go on the disabled list.  Ely is in line to pitch Tuesday, although Torre wouldn't confirm in so many words, at least not until the corresponding move has been made.

There will still be an open spot in the rotation that comes up again next weekend in San Diego, likely Sunday.  Of the pitchers currently on the roster, Torre said Ramon Ortiz would get the nod.  "Right now, just to try to stabilize, we'll probably go with more experience in Ortiz, if I needed that starter," said Torre, "Last night, he threw 83 pitches and was ready to go out there again.  That, I can't ask Monasterios to do; he's younger and doesn't know his body as well.  Ortiz seems to have a rubber arm."

Other Notes

Conte was working with Rafael Furcal before the game, having him run baserunning drills.  To my untrained eye, Furcal looked good running first to third.  He is eligible to be activated from the disabled list Friday.

Ronnie Belliard is battling a groin injury, but he is available to pinch-hit if needed

Vicente Padilla is only light tossing at this stage of his rehabilitation, and is not expected to be able to rejoin the club until June at the earliest


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