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Carlos Santana to make his Major League debut tonight

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Those of you who have followed my writing from when I first showed here on TBLA understand,  and are probably sick of my affinity for one Carlos Santana. For those of you who are new I'm going to link the stories we had written about before his trade and after. 

I'm not going to join in the discussion, I've said all I can say on the subject, but I look forward to watching him have a successful career. I expect him to emulate the success that Victor Martinez had with the bat, and possibly the lack of success that Martinez had as a defensive catcher. What Santana has that Victor did not is an absolute hose for an arm. That is why they made him a catcher in the 1st place. It must be understood that Santana has only been catching since 2007.

The fact he's going to be making his major league debut on June 11th, is a testament to how hard he's worked to learn this complex craft.

This pretty much sums up my feeling on the deal.

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