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Angels take game two as Andre/Kemp leave 11 runners on base

John Ely did not have his magic control working tonight. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
John Ely did not have his magic control working tonight. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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The Angels won 4 - 2 as the Dodgers for the 2nd time in a row were manhandled by the Angel pitching. The Dodger offense could only manage one hit out of 14 chances with runners in scoring position. Andre and Matt were the main culprits leaving 11 runners on base going 0/7 between the two of them. With Manny sitting on the bench against a LHP, they needed to provide the offense, and they came up wanting.  Sometimes the Dodgers get into these offensive funks, and in June they have been in an offensive funk.  Take away the flukish Monday night romp over the Cardinals, and they are averaging only 2.36 runs a game. For most of June, this offensive ineptitude has been masked by brilliant pitching, but when the pitching is less then perfect, the holes in the offense shine through like a BP gas pipe.

Tonight was no different then most nights in June, as they fall 4 - 2 to a struggling Kazmir who only needed to face the Dodgers to right his ship.  It was a bad omen when the guy who is averaging 6.00 strikeouts per nine innings, strikes out the side in the first inning. Included in that was Kemp, who has now struck out 15 times in 45 June at bats. When your number four hitter has an OPS  below .600 in June, you are going to have trouble scoring runs. Andre Ethier is not helping manners any.  He struck out with the bases loaded with only one out in the 7th, and that seemed to signal the end for the Dodgers. Kemp followed with the expected strikeout ground ball to 3rd on the first pitch,  and they went 1/2/3 in the 8th. 

John Ely had his second sub par start, but it was hardly a fail. When John Ely had first come up, this type of game would have been in line with expectations. His impeccable control was not part of his repertoire tonight, as he walked three in only five innings. Juan Rivera slugged a two out two run home run in the fourth, to give the Angels a 3-0 lead. Hunter had driven in the first run with double, but it looked like Ely would get out of the inning with just the one run until Rivera took him deep. The Angels scored one more run in the fifth to take a 4 - 0 lead, and Ely's night was done.  With Troncoso and Belisario throwing two innings each of scoreless ball, the Dodgers were given a chance to win this game, but the offense couldn't pull it off.

Russ Martin smacked a two run double in the fifth to cut the lead to 4 - 2, but Andre flied out and Matt Kemp struck out grounded out. The duo would be even more useless in the 7th when the Dodgers loaded the bases only to see Andre and Kemp strike out again. The 7th had a questionable move by Torre when he called upon Rafy Furcal to bunt with runners on 1st / 2nd and no outs. Rafy failed to advance the runners when he popped his bunt attempt. Martin was then walked to set up the failure of the core of the lineup. 

With two outs in the 9th, Rafy slapped a double but Martin ended the game.

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