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Team Preview - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / 2nd Edition

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Not much has changed since we last looked at the Angels 10 days ago.

Scored 341 runs, Allowed 351 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 35-37

After sweeping us they have gone 3 - 3, losing 12 - 1 in their last game, after winning 12 - 0 in the previous game. They have lost two more players since then, while gaining back two. Erik Aybar and Maicer Izturis are now hurt, but the weak hitting Brandon Wood and Jeff Mathis have come off the DL. We get to skip Jered Weaver so we have that going for us.

Position Breakdown

1st Base- With Jeff Mathis back to take over the catching reigns Mike Napoli looks to be the 1st baseman going forward. He has power and some plate discipline so he should put up an .800 OPS going forward.

2nd Base-Howie Kendrick has gotten hot since we last profiled him. Over the last two weeks he's a just a few points shy of a 1.000 OPS.

SS - Brandon Wood came off the DL and found himself back at his original position. He will have some time to show he can hit but time is running out. So far this year I'm pretty sure he's been the weakest offensive player in baseball with a TSL of .171/.181/.221. How is that even possible in 147 at bats?

3rd Base -Kevin Frandsen finds himself the starting 3rd baseman by default. To his credit the twice released infielder has done the job when asked.

C - Jeff Mathis came off the DL this past weekend and will be the everyday catcher going forward. He's a defensive first catcher who was hitting the ball before he went on the DL. According to his gamelogs, he has had a hit in every game this year (12 total).

CF - Torii Hunter -last nine games, three home runs and another all-star season in his future.

RF - Bobby Abreu -been on base nine times in his last four games. Only two extra base hits so far in June. Yikes

LF -Juan Rivera continues to be a fairly uninspiring hitter for a corner man.

DH - Hideki Matsui continues to be a fairly uninspiring hitter for a DH.

Bench - Wilson is the back up catcher. With Maicer on the DL, the rest of the bench is AAA fodder who come and go.

Starting Pitching for our Series:

Game 1 - We get to face Ervin Santana for the first time this year. Santana has a TSL of 3.91/4.32/.4.24. At home he has an ERA of 5.12 compared to 3.04 on the road. Back in 2007 Santana was like a Cy Young at home and Haeger on the road. Since then 2008-2010 he's been much better on the road then at home. Fastball (92.50), Slider(82.8) and a change up make up his arsenal. In his career against the Dodgers he's done very well, holding the Dodgers to a .701 OPS.

Game 2 - Joel Pineiro dominated the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine on June 11th, and followed up that game with another gem on June 16th when he beat the Twins 5 - 1. He has pitched 17 innings in his last two starts while giving up only two earned runs.

Game 3 - Scott Kazmir beat the Dodgers on June 12th barely making it to the required five innings. He is the weak link in the Angel rotation, and the Dodgers may need to beat him to keep from entering the Yankee series with a six game losing streak.

Bullpen - Fuentes is the closer and he's the type of closer that the opposing team likes to see take the mound with a one run lead. I don't care that he has 10 saves, he is the guy I want to see on mound for us in the 9th if we are trailing. Fernando Rodney continues to walk a high wire act averaging 6.3 walks per nine innings. He's the guy they use in the 8th. Kevin Jepsen is the best pitcher in the bullpen but even he is walking almost five hitters per nine inning. Rounding out the bullpen are F Rodriguez, Shields, Bulger, Bell, and the old war horse Scott Shields.

The Angels swept us when our offense went AWOL, and other then a brief showing against the Reds, it is still MIA. We face two good pitchers, one who has done historically well against us, and the other coming off a complete game victory over us. As depleted as the Angel infield is, as weak as the outfielder corners are hitting, any confidence I might have had evaporated when Eric told us that the Dodgers are 10 - 35 when facing the AL as a visiting team. Good God, that is Clipper bad.