Time for a New Closer?

Ugh. That's pretty much all I have to say. With all of this talk about needing a staff Ace, we've just seen Vicente Padilla, Hiroki Kuroda, and Clayton Kershaw pretty much own the American League All Star team. As bad as the hitting has been, Rafael Furcal seems to be his old self. Manny is, well, being Manny (finally) and Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are going to have to show up at some point, even if its because they're both worried about contracts. The bullpen, as shaky as it has been, seems to be shaping up. I'm as comfortable with Kuo, Bellisario, Weaver, and Troncoso as I would be with anybody.

But the big guy. Jonathan Broxton. He obviously cannot handle clutch situations. He has had enough chances to prove himself, and every time he needs to really, really come through he just blows up. IMO, that means it's time to add a new closer to our very long list of needs. I'm not even really sure who to go to.


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