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Dodger Pinch Hitters Struggling

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Lenny Harris, who had a heart attack during spring training at Camelback Ranch, is close to rejoining the Dodgers as minor league hitting instructor, reports Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times.  Harris still has his sense of humor:

"Now I’m real cautious,’’ he said. "I’m really afraid of food. I drink so much juice and stuff. The doctor told me he wasn’t putting me on any kind of diet, 'I just cleaned your arteries. You’re good.’ And I was like, 'Are you sure?’ He made it sound like an oil change.’’

Harris had 212 pinch hits in his career, more than anyone in baseball history.  This season, Dodger pinch hitters have struggled.  Dodger pinch hitters have 14 hits in 82 at-bats, and are hitting just .171/.216/.293, a worse OPS than all National League teams but San Diego (.446) and Philadelphia (.433).  Since Garret Anderson hit a pinch-hit home run in Cincinnati on April 22 -- yes, I said Garret Anderson -- Dodger pinch hitters have five hits in 51 at-bats, and are hitting .098/.130/.118.

Anderson leads the team with 33 pinch hit appearances, and is hitting .156/.182/.281 in that role, joining a group of struggling primary pinch hitters in the Dodgers' recent past:

Recent Dodger Primary Pinch Hitters
Pinch Hitter Year PA AB H BA/OBP/SLG OPS
Garret Anderson    
2010 33 32 5 .156/.182/.281 .463
Mark Loretta 2009 66 60 14 .233/.303/.267 .570
Mark Sweeney 2008 92 78 12 .154/.272/.192 .464
Olmedo Saenz 2007 75 63 14 .222/.320/.349 .669

Saenz did hit .263/.333/.491 as a pinch hitter in 2006.

Other Notes

  • Lost in last night's loss was that Chad Billingsley hit a double, the first extra-base hit by a Dodger pitcher since Randy Wolf doubled last August 21.  The Giants are now the only National League team this season without an extra-base hit by their pitchers
  • A.J. Ellis was seen warming up to pitch in the bullpen in the ninth inning last night, according to Dodger Talk with Ken Levine and Josh Suchon.
  • Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts compares the relationship between Los Angeles and John Ely to When Harry Met Sally.  I'll have what he's having

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