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Tie Breaker Game Preview - All Star Furcal / Kuo Edition

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Rafy Furcal is going to Anaheim as he was picked to replace the injuried Jose Reyes. This is only Furcal's 2nd all-star game, the first since 2003, and the first as a Dodger.

Not only is Furcal going but Kuo was just announced to replace phenom Jason Heyward. Maybe the NL will win a game now that Kuo and Broxton are there to finish it.

The Dodgers are now only 3 - 3 on this home stand, 27 - 18 at home.

The good news from Dodger Post Game Notes:

Travis Schlichting allowed just two hits over 2.2 scoreless innings to lower his ERA to 0.64 (1 ER/14.0 IP) in six relief appearances.

For whatever reason he's a much better major league pitcher then he is a minor league pitcher.

Carlos Monasterios made his first appearance for the Dodgers since June 18 at Boston and his first relief appearance since May 19, striking out three and allowing one run in 2.0 innings. Monasterios missed 14 games on the disabled list from June 19-July 7 with a blister on his right index finger.

Going against the Dodgers today is Carlos Silva, who is having the season of his life. Only a year ago Silva looked to have one of the worst contracts in baseball. The 6th best organization in baseball dumped him for Milton Bradley and while Milton has battled his demons and the baseball, Silva has been one of the best pitchers in the NL.

Going against Silva will be our own Padilla who has been a very pleasant surprise. With a K/9 rate of 9.06 and BB/9 rate of 1.79 Padilla easily has the best control in the rotation. Would not be out of line to say that Padilla has been pitching like an opening day starter.

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