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Padilla whitewashes Cubs with a little help from Loney, and All-Star Kuo

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Cubs vs Dodgers boxscore

The Dodgers opening day starter pitched like one Sunday as Padilla had everything going for him Sunday.  Padilla wasn't allowed to go for the complete game shutout which was to bad because for eight innings he dominated the Cubs.

You know you are in control when you can throw at your nemesis and not have to worry about it impacting the game. Marlon Byrd had some choice words for Padilla when he was released by the Rangers last summer so either Padilla can read, or they simply had some clubhouse problems. I have to say I loved the smirk by Byrd, and the fact he took the shot, and walked very very very slowly to 1st base. Padilla may have made his point but the problem with him using this method to make his point,  is that some other Dodger was going to feel the pain, and sure enough Blake DeWitt took the bullet for Padilla.

So while I celebrate the fact Padilla pitched a dominant game, it still seems a cowardly way to use a 94MPH fastball to make a point with a player you have a problem with. If anything Padilla proved that Byrd was right in his comments.

Cub fans must think James Loney is the greatest 1st baseman in baseball. Every-time they look up James Loney is launching home runs. Not quite, but his three run home run got the Dodgers off to a quick start, and those three runs would be all the runs  the Dodgers would need to win the final game before we head off to the All-Star break.

As we head to the break the Dodgers are now tied with the Rockies for 2nd, 2.0 games behind the Padres.

Dodger Post Game Notes:

Padilla is 3-1 and has limited opponents to a .172 average (17-for-99) with 27 strikeouts and a 1.57 ERA (5 ER/28.2 IP) in his last four starts.

BUNCHES: James Loney went 2-for-4 for his team-leading 32nd multi-hit game. Loney has four multi-hit efforts in his last five games and entered play today ranked fifth in the National League in that category.

RIBBIES: James Loney tied his season high for the third time with four RBI, bringing his first half total to 63, the most for a Dodger since Shawn Green’s 68 RBI in 84 games before the All-Star break in 2002.

Russell Martin's nine game streak ended as he went 0 - 4.

Nice to see Broxton, Andre, Kuo, and Rafy going, but for me, Clayton is the guy most deserving.