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Mid-Season Minor League Update

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ANAHEIM CA - JULY 11:  U.S. Futures All-Star Dee Gordon #5 of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws the ball during the 2010 XM All-Star Futures Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 11 2010 in Anaheim California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
ANAHEIM CA - JULY 11: U.S. Futures All-Star Dee Gordon #5 of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws the ball during the 2010 XM All-Star Futures Game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on July 11 2010 in Anaheim California. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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We have reached the major league all-star break, and enough baseball has been played to take a look at our Dodger prospect rankings. Keep in mind that Coolguy_88888888 and Kensai put a hell of a lot more thought into this then I do.

This is what I had to say on Dec 1st

Pre-Season Los Angeles Dodgers Top Prospect Ranking
Order Hitter Pitcher
1st Dee Gordon Scott Elbert
2nd Ivan DeJesus Chris Withrow
Trayvon Robinson Aaron Miller
4th Andrew Lambo Ethan Martin
5th Xavier Paul Joshua Lindblom
6th Jonathan Garcia Allen Webster
7th Luke May Nathan Eovaldi
8th Kyle Russell Garrett Gould
9th Anthony Delmonico Kenley Jansen
10th Gerald Sands Danny Danielson
11th Steven Caseres Carlos Frias
12th Scott VanSlyke Geison Aguasviva
13th Brian Cavazos-Galvez Jon Michael Redding
14th Pedro Baez Brett Wallach
15th Austin Gallagher Justin Miller
HON Gorman Erickson Travis Schlichting


Some big whiffs on that list. While I like calliing Elbert a WAL(Wild Ass Lefty), when it comes to my rankings I've always given him the benefit of the doubt because of his potential. Last year I saw a marked increase in his command that I thought  would pave the way for future major league success. Without knowing the particulars of Elbert's situation I'm going to sit him out of the mid-season ranking and take another look at the end of the year. 

Danny Danielson was my 2nd biggest whiff.  I must have really over estimated his skill set if he himself thought so little of his abilities that he quit this early in his career. On the hitting side Steven Caseres looks like I totally over rated him.  My thinking was that he'd be able to hit RHP enough to become some part of of a platoon option but right now that does not seem possible. Gorman Erickson has been disappointing but I only gave him an Honorable Mention.

On the plus side I did have Sands ranked above Van Slyke and 10th on the positional prospect list. I think that was a fairly high ranking for Sands given his draft position and age. I also had Jonathan Garcia ranked fairly high and I continue that trend below.

Regarding the Mid-Season ranking below. I've been fairly aggressive with the positional rankings as Sands simply forced his way to the top. His destruction of the MWL was impressive, and would have gotten him into the top five if he had simply held is own after his promotion to AA. Since he didn't hold his own but continued his path of destruction in the Southern League, I really had no choice but to make him the top positional prospect. His OPS would be 100 points higher then anyone in the Southern League. He may fall hard in the 2nd half, but for now he's the guy we have been looking for. A power hitter. Keith Law may not be impressed and in the end he may be right, but I think he's missing the boat on Sands. The Sands that was playing in the Midwest League in April 2009 is not the Sands who changed his swing in Ogden in 2009, and has done nothing but rake ever since.

Jonathan Garcia has only had a few abats in the Pioneer League but he's done enough for me to move him a head of the rest of the position players.  Looks like Logan White nailed this one.

Tae-Hyeok Nam is only in the Arizona Rookie League, but the 19 year old is powerfully built and looks like he could be a power plant. This pick is mostly hopeful projection.

I love our pitching, haven't really seen enough from the rest of the pack to knock Withrow off his number one ranking. They are young and inconsistent but big arms abound up and down the system.  Aaron Miller might be the closest to being ready from the starters. Most of us think Jansen is already ready to unleash his gun on the NL.

One pitcher who I know nothing about is Javier Solano but when you are 20 years old in the Cal League and you put up these kind of K/BB ratio's (38 K's, 5 walks) along with the K/9 dominance (38 Ks in 32 Innings) you get my attention. So he's on the list. Strictly a numbers call.

I'd love to know the one player that was considered untouchable in the recent Lee negotiations because I hope it was not Dee Gordon.  I don't really see an untouchable in our system. Lots of great arms, but they all have warts, some smaller then others.


Mid-Season - Los Angeles Dodgers Top Prospect Ranking
Order Hitter Age Level Pitcher Age Level
1st Jerry Sands 22 AA Chris Withrow 21 AA
2nd Jonathan Garcia 18 Rookie Aaron Miller 22 AA
Trayvon Robinson 22 AA Kenley Jansen 22 AA
4th Dee Gordon 22 AA Ethan Martin 21 A+
5th Xavier Paul 25 AAA Allen Webster 20 A
6th Ivan DeJesus 23 AAA Nathan Eovaldi 20 A+
7th Andrew Lambo 21 AA Garrett Gould 18 Rookie
8th Mario Songco 21 A Matt Magill 20 A
9th Blake Smith 22 A Brett Wallach 21 A
10th Tae-Hyeok Nam 19 Rookie Rubby De La Rosa 21 A
11th Lucas May 25 AAA Elisaul Pimentel 21 A
12th Kyle Russell 24 AA Josh Lindblom 23 AAA
13th Pedro Baez 22 A+ Carlos Frias 20 Rookie
14th Anthony Delmonico 23 A+ Javier Solano 20 A+
15th Leon Landry 20 Rookie Justin Miller 22 AA
HON Russell Mitchell 25 AAA Steven Ames 22 A