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Off Day Thread

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Until someone else puts something up we can talk about various topics:

1. Pluses and Minuses of the 1st half

2. Trade talk (Uggla)

3. Who do you want as our fifth starter? Ely, McDonald, or trade?

4. Is Aug 7th a good date for the next TBLA Dodger Game. That is a Saturday Night against the Nat's and it is possible that would be a Strasburg game. Cost would be $12.00 per ticket.

5. Who is our biggest competition between the Padres, Rockies, and Giants. With Posey the Giant offense has gotten a nice shot in the arm.  The Rockies are starting to get healthy, and Tulo should be back in a about a month.  The Padres look like the cracks are starting to show up but they could patch those cracks with some trades.