State of the Minor League System - 3rd Base

Here is the next part in my series. As a reminder, this analysis will serve two purposes. First, it will take a look at the Dodgers minor league system at each position and show the depth and talent at each. Second, it will provide a re-ranking of the players within each position. I am not going to provide an new overall ranking, but instead will just show the rankings within each position. I will also provide the preseason rank that I gave to each player within the position. You'll notice that some players have an N/A next to their preseason rank. That is because the player is new to the Dodgers since my preseason ranking. I will be providing a position by position breakdown over the next two weeks.

I am including the players that were drafted in the 2010 draft and have already signed with the Dodgers. I know that it is difficult to evaluate such prospects so early into their Dodger career, but I am going to do my best and basically give them a preliminary ranking.

Also, the position that I have each player ranked at is the position that I believe is best for the player. It may not be the players current primary position, but it is where I believe each player will ultimately end up should they make the major leagues. The same holds true for pitchers. If I believe a pitcher is best suited as a reliever, then that I where I put them. Finally, please feel free to leave comments, debate my rankings or challenge the positions that I have the players at. Enjoy.

Preseason Current Name How Acquired Age Height Weight Bats Current Level
1 1 Pedro Baez Signed 1/22/07 22.34 6' 2" 195 R High A
N/A 2 Matthew Kirkland 2010, 12th 19.34 6' 2" 210 R Arizona Rookie
2 3 Bladimir Franco Signed 7/6/07 19.44 6' 1" 172 R Arizona Rookie
3 4 Jeffrey Hunt 2009, 15th 19.41 6' 2" 190 L Pioneer Rookie
4 5 Russell Mitchell 2003, 15th 25.41 6' 1" 182 R AAA
N/A 6 Jesse Bosnik 2010, 13th 21.97 6' 2" 205 L Pioneer Rookie
8 7 Chris Henderson 2009, 21st 22.06 5' 11" 190 R Pioneer Rookie
5 8 Brian Ruggiano 2008, 23rd 24.10 6' 0" 175 R Lo-A
6 9 Austin Yount 2008, 12th 23.76 6' 0" 185 L Lo-A
9 9 Jorky Infante Signed 2009 19.38 6' 0" 155 S DSL
10 10 Johan Garcia Signed 4/19/05 23.85 6' 0" 170 R Lo-A
7 N/A Anthony Hatch AAA Rule 5 Draft 26.87 6' 3" 200 L Retired
11 N/A Garett Green 2008, 30th 25.38 5' 11" 190 R Retired
12 N/A Parker Dalton 2007, 24th 27.02 6' 1" 185 R Retired

Third base could be considered relatively weak position for the Dodgers minor league system, however I see at least a couple of guys who are raw and have a lot of upside. Pedro Baez is our best prospect in my opinion, but he is constantly getting hurt and hasn't really ever put together a great season. He needs to turn things around and have a breakout season in the near future if he wants to be considered our long term answer at the hot corner.

19 year olds Matthew Kirkland, Bladimir Franco, and Jeff Hunt were all born less than 40 days apart, and each of them are prospects that I really like. I see all of these guys as players with a lot of power potential, so hopefully at least one of them will turn out to be a legitimate prospect over the next year or so. Kirkland was just drafted and has only 4 professional games under his belt, so he's tough to evaluate yet. Franco had a strong season last year in the DSL, and is still making adjustments to the US based Arizona League. Jeff Hunt must have some kind of injury because he is listed on the Pioneer League roster, but has yet to make an appearance this season.

Russell Mitchell has a very low ceiling, but he is having a resurgence this year and could potentially be a big league backup or utility player at some point. The fact that he's proven he can handle 3rd base this year, gives him a lot more value than he had in the past. Jesse Bosnik was a shortstop in college, but is better suited for 3rd base at the professional level. He's had a solid professional debut so far and had great college stats, so maybe he'll turn into a solid prospect. Finally, Chris Henderson is an intriguing player because he put up great numbers in college and has experience at catcher as well. All the other players on this list are most likely organizational depth at best.

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