State of the Minor League System - Shortstop

The next part in my series is one of the most important positions on the field...shortstop. As always, please remember that this analysis will serve two purposes. First, it will take a look at the Dodgers minor league system at each position and show the depth and talent at each. Second, it will provide a re-ranking of the players within each position. I am not going to provide an new overall ranking, but instead will just show the rankings within each position. I will also provide the preseason rank that I gave to each player within the position. You'll notice that some players have an N/A next to their preseason rank. That is because the player is new to the Dodgers since my preseason ranking. I will be providing a position by position breakdown over the next two weeks.

I am including the players that were drafted in the 2010 draft and have already signed with the Dodgers. I know that it is difficult to evaluate such prospects so early into their Dodger career, but I am going to do my best and basically give them a preliminary ranking.

Also, the position that I have each player ranked at is the position that I believe is best for the player. It may not be the players current primary position, but it is where I believe each player will ultimately end up should they make the major leagues. The same holds true for pitchers. If I believe a pitcher is best suited as a reliever, then that I where I put them. Finally, please feel free to leave comments, debate my rankings or challenge the positions that I have the players at. Enjoy.

Preseason Current Name How Acquired Age Height Weight Bats Current Level
1 1 Devaris Gordon 2008, 4th 22.23 5' 11" 150 L AA
N/A 2 Jake Lemmerman 2010, 5th 21.20 6' 1" 192 R Pioneer Rookie
2 3 Justin Sellers Trade with Cubs 24.45 5' 10" 160 R AAA
3 4 Bryant Hernandez 2009, 9th 22.36 5' 8" 170 R Lo-A
4 5 Casio Grider 2009, 14th 22.91 6' 1" 165 R Pioneer Rookie
N/A 6 Vladimir Martinez Signed 2010 18.05 6' 2" 173 S DSL
5 7 Alexis Aguilar Signed 2008 19.08 5' 11" 162 R Arizona Rookie
6 8 Charlie Mirabal Signed 3/1/07 23.29 5' 11" 164 L Arizona Rookie
8 9 Christian Lara Trade with Red Sox 25.26 5' 11" 150 S Lo-A
N/A 10 Leo Rodriguez Signed 2010 18.59 5' 11" 160 R DSL
N/A 11 Chris Gutierrez Signed 3/1/10 26.34 5' 9" 185 R High A
N/A 12 Delvis Morales Signed 2010 19.88 6' 1" 146 S DSL
7 13 Joseph Becker Signed 1/11/07 24.68 5' 11" 175 R DL

Besides Dee Gordon, there are not many exciting shortstop prospects in the Dodgers minor league system. Gordon is not having the season that many had hoped, but he still doing well in AA and I believe will continue to improve as he adjusts to the more advanced pitching. The Dodgers did get some depth when they drafted and signed Jake Lemmerman, so hopefully he turns out to be a pretty good player for us. He's off to a good start so far in the Pioneer League. Justin Sellers has been thrown into AAA and started off by holding his own, but he hasn't done much in the past few weeks.

I had some high hopes for Bryant Hernandez in 2010, but he has had dreadful season thus far in the Midwest League. Christian Lara, on the other hand, is doing very well with the Loons, but he is already 25 years old which is why I ranked him pretty low. Finally, there are several young shortstops in the Dominican Summer League, so maybe one of them will surprise us with a good season and burst onto the prospect radar. Vladimir Martinez seems like the most likely candidate as he is just 18 years old and has been great thus far in his time with the Dodgers.

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