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State of the Minor League System - Left Field

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By now I'm sure everyone knows what this series is about, so without further ado here is the last offensive position - Left Field.  Just as a real quick reminder,  I have provided the preseason rank that I gave to each player within the position as well as their current rank.  You'll notice that some players have an N/A next to their preseason rank.  That is because the player is new to the Dodgers since my preseason ranking.  Also, I use Baseball America's prospect restrictions (130 AB's or 50 IP), although I also limit my ranking to players under 28 years old.

Preseason Current Name How Acquired Age Height Weight Bats Current Level
1 1 Andrew Lambo 2007, 4th  21.94 6' 3" 190 L AA
5 2 Mario Songco 2009, 4th  21.86 6' 0" 190 L Lo-A
2 3 Xavier Paul 2003, 4th  25.39 5' 9" 205 L MLB
3 4 Brian Cavazos-Galvez 2009, 12th  23.17 6' 0" 215 R Lo-A
6 5 Nick Akins 2009, 19th  22.57 6' 1" 180 R Pioneer Rookie
4 6 Alfredo Silverio Signed 11/13/03  23.20 6' 1" 185 R Hi-A
N/A 7 Robert Coyle 2010, 10th  21.37 6' 1" 215 L Pioneer Rookie
7 8 Preston Mattingly 2006, 1st  22.89 6' 3" 205 R Hi-A
N/A 9 Arce Rodriguez Signed 2010  17.60 6' 0" 191 R DSL
8 10 Clay Calfee 2008, 14th  24.13 6' 6" 220 L Hi-A
9 11 Abdul Nieto Signed 2009  18.61 6' 3" 180 R DSL
11 12 Austin King 2009, 31st  21.63 6' 2" 200 R Pioneer Rookie
N/A 13 Chance Gilmore 2010, 25th  23.30 5' 11" 187 L Pioneer Rookie
N/A 14 Ricardo De La Rosa Signed 2010  19.25 6' 0" 184 R DSL
N/A 15 Tony Moses Signed 4/21/10  22.99 6' 4" 210 R Arizona Rookie
12 16 Andres Perez Signed 8/9/09  26.15 6' 0" 200 R Hi-A
10 N/A Marlon Sucre Signed 5/27/07  20.35 6' 2" 160 R Released
13 N/A Jose Sanchez Signed 2/9/07  20.19 6' 2" 175 R Released
14 N/A Taiwan Perry Signed 2009  22.13 6' 0" 185 R Released


Left field is a position that has many talented players, but most of those players come with question marks.  The biggest question is what Lambo long-term response will be to his drug suspension.  He was in the midst of a good season, but he has struggled thus far in his return to the lineup.  Even with his suspension and struggles, I believe he is still our best left field prospect. 

In my opinion, next on the Left Field list is Mario Songco, who has moved up since my pre-season rankings.  Songco showed big power in college and in the Pioneer League, and in 2010 is really putting really putting together a strong season in the Midwest League.  Songco is hitting over .300 with 12 homers, and at 21 years old is one of the younger players on the list.

After Songco comes Xavier Paul, although he is getting close to reaching 130 big league at bats which is when he would lose his prospect status.  Paul has dominated the minor leagues over the past 2 seasons, but he has yet to hit in the big leagues and I'm not sure he'll ever be good enough to be a regular in the majors.  His career major league batting average is below .250.  Also, while Paul has played all over the outfield, I think his best position is left field.

 Brian Cavazos-Galvez is an interesting case as he hit a ton of homers last year, but this year has turned into a speed guy.  He's a little old for his level and needs to step up his game if he wants to make an impact.  Also, even though Cavazos-Galvez is playing a lot of center field this year, I still think he profiles best at a left fielder.  Nick Akins has dominated the Arizona Rookie League in 2010, but needs to demonstrate he can hit at higher levels.  Hopefully he'll do that soon as he was just recently promoted to the Pioneer League.

Alfredo Silverio was supposed to be a legit prospect this year, but despite his recent hot streak he has failed miserably.  He's hitting .238 in the hitter friendly California League and I'm getting tired of waiting for him to break out.  2010 10th round pick Robert Coyle is a local boy from Chatsworth, and is having a solid professional debut in the Pioneer League.

Finally, there are a couple of international signed players who have caught my attention and seem to have some talent.  One is Abdul Nieto, and the other is Arce Rodriguez.  Both are still very young, and although they are struggling in the DSL this year, I think they have potential and will perform once they get more experience.