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Dodgers / D-Backs Game 1 Chat

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Manager Joe Torre told reporters before today’s game that Manny Ramirez, nursing an inflamed right hamstring, is unavailable for tonight’s game with the Diamondbacks, not even as a pinch hitter. Torre said the club still hasn’t decided whether or not to place Ramirez on the disabled list.

"We have to find out to what degree will [Ramirez’s hamstring] get better, and what does that get us," Torre said, "we don’t have him as a pinch hitter today, and probably the weekend. Is he going to be a player by Tuesday, or is he going to be a pinch hitter by Monday or Tuesday? We have to decide if that’s worth playing a man short."

The Dodgers are 8-1 against the Diamondbacks this season.

Here are tonight's lineups

Dodgers Diamondbacks
SS Furcal CF Young
CF Kemp 2B Johnson
RF Ethier RF Upton
1B Loney C Montero
3B Blake 3B Reynolds
LF Anderson
1B LaRoche
C Martin
SS Abreu
2B DeWitt LF Parra
P Kuroda
P Jackson

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