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TBLA Outing August 7th, Saturday Night - Maddz Farewell Party

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Our second TBLA night will be August 7th,  Saturday Night against the Washington Nationals, and a possible Strasburg game.

Here are some photo's of the first game this year

Here are some photo's of last years event

We  have reserved 30 seats in three rows of eight and one row of six so we are not strewn all over a row.

Where - Chavez Ravine

When -   August 7th, Saturday Night

Who -     Washington Nationals

Seats -   Lower Reserve, Section 36,  Seats 1 - 8 for Rows J, K, L, M

Cost  -   $12.00

How  -   Leave a comment below with how many. Must be a TBLA member to participate.

Payment -  Tickets will be mailed, I'll trust you to pay me either via Paypal or cash at the game. No checks, I'll only lose them.

21 gone 9 available.

Maddz 2
TopDeckTrueBlue - 1
Julio 2
Ivdown 2
Robotmadeofnails - 1
Kinbote - 2
Phil – 2
Eric – 1
Dave – 2
Mike – 1
Delias - 1
Jacob – 2
Scareduck –
Overkill –
Roy Kim –
Who Is Karim Garcia
mintxcore –
Tripon - 1


Reserve by leaving your name in the comment and how many. Unlike the last game you can't dwaddle on this one. Make a decision and let me know. Any tickets not reserved within three days of the game will be given away to Giant or Angel fans. Don't let that happen.