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Ethier And Broxton Are All-Stars; Furcal Snubbed

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Andre Ethier was elected to start in the National League Outfield
Andre Ethier was elected to start in the National League Outfield

The Dodgers got two All-Stars in Andre Ethier and Jonathan Broxton, but they should have had three.

Ethier is the first Dodger to start an All-Star Game since Russell Martin was behind the plate in 2007 in San Francisco. Ethier broke his right pinkie finger on May 15 in San Diego, and at that point was leading the National League in home runs, runs batted in, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS, the sextuple crown if you will.Since coming back from the disabled list, Ethier is hitting just .246/.290/.373, but he still leads all NL outfielders with a .940 OPS.

That last Dodgers outfielder to start an All-Star Game was Reggie Smith in the 1980 game at Dodger Stadium. Darryl Strawberry was elected to start in 1991, but was injured and did not play.

Dodger Outfielders To Start All-Star Games
Player Years
Joe Medwick 1940, 1942
Pete Reiser 1941-1942
Augie Galan 1944
Dixie Walker 1944, 1946-1947
Jackie Robinson 1954
Duke Snider 1954-1955
Wally Moon 1959 (twice)
Tommy Davis 1962 (twice), 1963
Jimmy Wynn 1974-1975
Rick Monday 1978
Reggie Smith 1980

This is Broxton's second full season as closer, and second straight All-Star berth. Even though he has allowed five runs in the last week, Broxton still has a 2.08 ERA, and leads all major league relievers with a 1.32 FIP and a 2.01 x-FIP.

Rafael Furcal, despite missing 30 of 80 games this season, he leads all National League shortstops in Wins Above Replacement. Yet, Jose Reyes made the team instead. So did Omar Infante.  What?