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Kemp, Kuo Provide Fireworks As Dodgers Win Again, 3-1

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Hong-Chih Kuo struck out six of the seven batters he faced, and Matt Kemp provided the fireworks with a two-run shot in the eighth inning, giving the Dodgers a 3-1 win over the Diamondbacks.

They are 23-6 against the NL West, having won all nine series of three games or more within the division.

The Dodgers have now played 81 games, and won 45. Halfway to 90.

Happy 4th of July, everybody

WP - Hong-Chih Kuo (3-1):  2 IP, 1 hit, 0 walks, 6 leg kicks

LP - Aaron Heilman (2-3):  1 IP, 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 1 Bison Bomb allowed

S - Jonathan Broxton (17): 1 IP, 0 hits, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts

Box Score