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Kershaw Attempts Perfect Game - Game Chat

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The Dodgers open their one and only home series with the Chicago Cubs this season with Clayton Kershaw on the mound.

Andre Ethier superhero action figures are being distributed tonight. When he hits the game-winning walkoff shot, I want to see him pose at home plate exactly like the giveaway toy.

From Dodger Thoughts:

"Scott Elbert is back in Arizona, "playing catch," according to Dodger coach Ken Howell. No date set for his return to action."

Here are the lineups:

Cubs Dodgers
2B Theriot SS Furcal
CF Byrd CF Kemp
1B Lee RF Ethier
3B Ramirez 1B Loney
C Soto 3B Blake
LF Soriano LF Paul
RF Nady C Martin
SS Castro 2B DeWitt
P Wells P Kershaw

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