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Dodgers / Padres Game 2 Chat, Sans Furcal

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Rafael Furcal exited last night's game early because he felt something in his back, and underwent an MRI exam today, per Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, and is out of the lineup tonight.

The Dodgers are currently nine games behind the division-leading Padres, and happen to have nine games left with San Diego. All they have to do is win all nine games, and they are back in business!

Here are the lineups:

Padres Dodgers
2B J.Hairston
LF Podsednik
3B Tejada 2B Theriot
1B Gonzalez RF Ethier
RF Ludwick CF Kemp
C Hundley 1B Loney
CF Denorfia 3B Blake
LF S.Hairston
C Martin
SS Cabrera
SS Carroll
P Latos
P Lilly

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