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Manny Ramirez Deal To White Sox Now Done

Manny Ramirez is now a member of the White Sox, as the Dodgers let him go on a straight waiver claim, per multiple reports by Jayson Stark of ESPN, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, and Bob Nightengale of USA Today. The Dodgers could have taken a prospect or two back in exchange for paying a portion of Manny's remaining salary, per Stark:

The teams talked about scenarios where #Dodgers would have paid up to $1.5M of contract depending on prospect they got. Never agreed on that.

Per Nightengale:

The Dodgers rejected the White Sox's offer and simply let Ramirez go on a waiver claim.

With 35 days left in the 183-day season, the White Sox are on the hook for $3,825,137, the remainder of his $20 million salary this season. Thank you, Jayson Stark, for actually reporting this number rather than use (wrongly) estimated numbers as so many others have.

By my rough estimate, the Dodgers have paid, and will pay, Manny $35,344,263 for his total time as a Dodger.

The Dodgers will likely call someone up for tonight's game to take Manny's place on the roster. But, with outfielders Jay Gibbons and Reed Johnson on the team, and the active roster limit expanding Wednesday, don't be surprised if the initial addition today is not an outfielder, but rather a reliever (just not Travis Schlichting, as he is on the disabled list), or as Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness surmised, perhaps Juan Castro.

UPDATE: The Dodgers have recalled reliever Ramon Troncoso to take Manny's roster spot.