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Facebook Favor

I'm going to abuse this system for a minute to try to win a bet. Our company is opening a new electric bike store in Venice in about one month. The youngish manager just motor cycled  in from Spain, and created a facebook page for the store. We currently have 67 friends associated with the store.

This is where you come in, my good TBLA Facebook freakazoids. I've bet him that I can get that membership up to 250 by Friday. Since no one pays me to write here, I'd like to collect a chip by asking you to do me this favor and  join the Izip store Facebookgroup. If I'm eating lunch on my co-workers dime I'll be thinking of all of you in a good way, if I'm eating lunch on my dime, the mood will be dark, sinister, and will make for a blood curling TBLA Saturday Night.

So for all you lurkers who read but never write, this is an excellent anynomous way to let us know your out there.

While your at  it, join the TBLA Facebook page.!/group.php?gid=46526126133&ref=ts

We haven't done much with the TBLA page but maybe we will start doing things with it.