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Say Goodnight Joe

Saturday Morning Notes from this Report:

A reporter asked Colletti first if he wanted a bat, then if he wanted a catcher. Colletti's response: "How about a catcher with a big bat?"

An MRI for Ramirez was rescheduled from Friday to Saturday, but whatever the results, the Dodgers seem resigned to the fact he won't be back anytime soon.

"He was in discomfort yesterday," said manager Joe Torre, who spoke to Ramirez by phone. "He's not getting worse. But it's something that's going to take a little time. They said it would be three, four, five weeks. It's a little over three weeks now. He's getting frustrated by it. I told him not to get down, it'll turn the corner at some point in time. But it hasn't gone away like he hoped."

Belisario, on the restricted list since July 7, is slated to make two rehab appearances for Class A Inland Empire on Saturday and Sunday. That could be the last preparation the Dodgers feel Belisario needs after he began working out at Dodger Stadium on July 26.

"He's good right now," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said of Belisario. "He's got a really good look about him and has got a really good frame of mind, all that stuff."

Phil Update

Joe and Ned are living in a world where quit does not exist which is appropriate since they reside within Hollywood, but Hollywood ain't reality, and the fat lady already closed the show on Thursday Night.  The cash strapped producer tried to make do with duck tape when the old star broke down, but the young stars were not up to the task of carrying the show themselves. The crew may not realize it but the audience can recognize a show that has lost its legs. Time to regroup and put together another show, and say farewell to this one.