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Dodgers / Giants Game 1 Chat

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Scott Podsednik is out for at least a few weeks, with plantar fasciitis in his left foot. The severity of the injury is up for some debate -- Dylan Hernandez says a couple of weeks, Ken Gurnick says out for the year -- but in reality even if Podsednik comes back it will be only for a few games at most.

Podsednik has underwhelmed as a Dodger, hitting .262/.313/.336 in 39 games. He has a mutual option for $2 million next season, with a $100,000 buyout due Podsednik should either side decline to exercise the option.

Jay Gibbons, who played in place of Podsednik in left field on Saturday and Sunday in Houston and is starting at first base tonight, is looking to come back to the Dodgers in 2011, per Hernandez:

Jay Gibbons said he would like to return to the #Dodgers next season. "This is the dream job," he said.

Here are the lineups:

Dodgers Giants
SS Furcal
RF Ross
RF Ethier
2B Sanchez
3B Blake
1B Huff
CF Kemp
C Posey
1B Gibbons LF Burrell
C Barajas
SS Uribe
2B Carroll 3B Sandoval
LF Johnson CF Rowand
P Kershaw
P Zito

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