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Last Night Was So Fun, Dodgers Will Try To Do It Again

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Last night was awesome, as Rod Barajas and Clayton Kershaw can attest.
Last night was awesome, as Rod Barajas and Clayton Kershaw can attest.

After last night, I'm sure the Giants would rather face anyone buy Clayton Kerhsaw, but the Dodgers won't make it any easier on their rivals tonight with Chad Billingsley on the mound. Bilingsley has started four times against the Giants this season, giving up four runs (two unearned runs) in 29 2/3 innings, for an 0.61 ERA.

This is the first time Billingsley has faced a Giant other than Barry Zito, as Matt Cain gets the start for the Giants. In three starts against the Dodgers this season, Cain has allowed eight runs in 19 2/3 innings with five walks and 19 strikeouts. On August 1, Cain got his only career win against the Dodgers in 16 starts.

Since Rod Barajas joined the Dodgers on August 24, here are the Dodgers' home run leaders:


An Anniversary

On this date 30 years ago, Fernando Valenzuela made his major league debut, throwing two innings in relief against the Braves. After a perfect sixth inning, Valenzuela gave up two unearned runs in the seventh inning. He would not allow another run the rest of the season (10 appearances), and after his seventh start of 1981, Valenzuela had a career ERA of 0.29. It ballooned to 0.40 after allowing two runs in his next outing, his eighth straight complete game.

The Dodgers plan to celebrate this anniversary with a pregame ceremony before Sunday's game. Valenzuela will also participate in La Gran Fiesta - Viva Los Dodgers presented by Coca-Cola and Hyundai festival starting at 10 a.m.

Longtime Scout Passes Away

Al LaMacchia, the scout who famously recommended Andre Ethier to Ned Colletti in 2005, passed away today at age 89. “Al was the epitome of a baseball scout.  He loved the game and the people in it.  I admired that he blended his love for baseball with his love of family.  Many times I saw Al with his wife Ann at the baseball stops along the road. That is a rarity, but Al was not going to sacrifice one love for another," said Colletti.

“His recollection of players long since out of the game along with those of today was truly remarkable," Colletti added, "Knowing that Al was always available to help with a player or a thought process was always a comforting combination.  I found his wisdom of life and baseball to be rare.”

LaMacchia was a former major league pitcher, and in his six-decade career as a scout signed several players, including  Dale Murphy, George Bell, Cito Gaston, Dave Stieb, David Wells, Willie Upshaw, Jim Gott, Rick Mahler, Ted Savage, and Bruce Benedict.

Shameless Plugs For SB Nation Los Angeles

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Game Time:  7:15 p.m.

TV:  Prime Ticket

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