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Andre Ethier On Kevin & Bean Talks Manny, McCourts, And More

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Andre Ethier was a guest with Kevin & Bean on KROQ this morning, talking Dodgers and to promote a current contest to make the bacon wrapped hot dog the official hot dog of Los Angeles.


You can listen to the interview here. Here are some excerpts:

On the McCourt divorce and whether it affects the team:

It really doesn't affect what we do on the field. We're down in the dungeon, down underneath the stadium, so we're kind of hidden and sheltered from all that stuff. Anything outside the team, whether it be this or anything else, gets filtered out and doesn't get too much to the players. I think Joe [Torre] and the front office staff do a good job, if people have questions, they nip that real quick and let them know we're here to play baseball.

On the impact of Manny Ramirez on the Dodgers:

From day one when he stepped in there, he was energetic, confident. You become confident around him. Just the emotion of having a player with his caliber and his ability to do something at any moment that would spark and change a game.

On Monday, the day Manny was finally moved:

You knew it was coming but kept hoping it wasn't. Everyone on the team was trying to rally around him and really let him feel like we still needed him and wanted him around. It just came to a point where it wasn't the right fit anymore, and the team was moving in a different direction, and so was he. What brought him to us, the same situation happened. We had our time here with him, and wish we still had him and would love to have him here, but at the same time it's time for a lot of us to grow up and keep moving on and moving forward.

On his and the players' relationship with Vin Scully:

He seems to know a lot about us, but we don't know a lot about him [laughs]...It's always a special time whenever you get to see Vin walking by.

Ethier also said he chose his at-bat music, Tres Delinquentes by Delinquent Habits because it reminds him of Los Angeles, and LA culture.

A few weeks ago, Ethier served hot dogs at the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. For every vote for the bacon wrapped hot dog, Farmer John will donate a pound of food to LA food banks up to 25,000 pounds.