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Trio of Terror - The Kemp / Loney / Broxton Horror Show

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With 43 years of Dodger seasons to bank on, I'm having a hard time remembering such a disappointing Dodger season. I didn't expect a lot from this team, but I expected it to be competitive. I expected the core to improve, I expected meaningful Sept baseball. It isn't the record, I've seen worse, it was the total failure of Kemp, Loney, and Broxton in the 2nd half that has put this season near the top of my least favorite seasons.

Players who I liked a lot, players who I have written extensively about long before they ever played a game for the Dodgers,  players who I'd hoped would have at least for Kemp/Broxton the same kind of season they had in the past.  For those two they had the historical record of being at the top of their position in performance. For Loney I simply had hope based on his strange Road/Home splits, the fact age 26 year old 1st baseman who have played extensively sometimes break out.  All of them were a big reason why the Dodgers were even playing in the NLCS the last two years. All of them were a reason I looked forward to the 2010 season. All of them are the reason I hate how this season has unfolded. No injuries here, just unbridled under performance to the level of stinkerooooooooooo.

All three players got substantial raises this winter, and all three players put up their worst professional seasons. The 2nd half horror show just keeps playing over and over to the point where I simply wait for either nothing to happen, or for something bad to happen.  I'm not a negative person, but during this abysmal showing, I worry about two things. How can we get a lead with an anemic offense that looks like nine Cesar Izturises are playing,  and if we do somehow claw our way to a lead how can we get it to Jansen/Kuo before it is obliterated by the Blue Ox.  (23 Innings, 28 hits, 18 earned runs, 21 walks, .896 OPS against)

Trio of Terror has a double meaning as we head into Coors , when our Dodgers come to the plate or pitch I scream in agony as they play like right field little leaguers, however when the Rockies trio of terror come up, I scream in pain, as I await the damage they will inflict upon us.  When I say scream I'm not talking about a verbal hell-raising sound from some coed caught in the woods at the beginning of a horror movie but of a muted internal scream of protest that excretes enough acid that only gin will placate the bile forming in the bowels of my misery.

2nd Half Stats:

Name Avg OB% Slug% OPS
Matt Kemp 0.229 0.293 0.372 0.665
James Loney 0.214 0.286 0.332 0.618

Troy Tulowitzki 0.336 0.397 0.673 1.070
Carlos Gonzalez 0.377 0.428 0.705 1.133
Melvin Mora 0.313 0.384 0.488 0.872

Yup, that is one Melvin Mora, who at the age of 37 had an OPS of .679 in Baltimore as their regular 3rd baseman. He's found a new life in the 2nd half for the Rockies as they have leaned on him heavily against LHP, and he's delivered. Funny how this platoon thing can work when used correctly.

Now if I'm' a Rockie fan I may be even more disappointed then Dodger fans. Things look extremely bleak for the post season chances of the Rockies, and that comes after career years from Tulo / CarGo. If they had made the playoffs, either of these players would have been legitimate MVP candidates. If you can't win a pennant with the years these guys have had... ????????

On the flip side for Rockie fans they will be looking forward to 2011 hoping for more of the same much like Dodger fans were looking toward 2010 hoping for more of the same. This is baseball; nothing is guaranteed except chaos. For the most part given enough information projection systems work, but, man oh man, on the edges that is where the seasons are written.  Tulo and CarGo each had a season for the ages, but they won't be playing in October while the pathetic Padres still might.

That might bring a Rockie fan to scream like us.