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Dodgers / Rockies Road Finale Chat

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I'm not sure if this is new or not, but has ballpark platoon splits now. Here are the Dodgers' numbers in their eight games at Coors Field this season against the Rockies:

  • as RHB: .283/.365/.500, 7 home runs in 190 PA
  • as LHB: .227/.275/.327, 1 home run in 122 PA (the home run was by James Loney last night)

Here are the lineups:

Dodgers Rockies
LF Oeltjen
CF Fowler
2B Theriot
2B Herrera
1B Loney LF Gonzalez
CF Kemp SS Tulowitzki
3B Mitchell 1B Helton
RF Johnson
RF Spilborghs
C Ellis 3B Stewart
C Olivo
P Monasterios
P Chacin

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